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Columbus Latvia is acquired by Aston Baltic to strengthening their own positions on the market


Latvian ERP software provider Aston Baltic has acquired Columbus Latvia. Aston Baltic hereby becomes ERP market leader in Latvia. Columbus remains a strategic partner.

Aston Baltic birthday.


On January 22, 2017, our friendly company celebrated its birthday, we have already 10 years.

We have launched name and brand name change process.


From 2016, on 10 June, we will continue our operations under a new company name, and from that moment our company name is Aston Baltic (with a new logo). In this respect, it is also changed our visual identity to better emphasize our qualities, values and goals. To commence the process in the near future will bring other new changes regarding those first changes...

New solution – HR management and payroll!


Continuing to supplement the range of solutions, ERP PRO has developed a new HR management and payroll solution based on the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV product versions.

Self-contained ERP product in its latest version performance - Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015!


Companies that want to improve business process management through an affordable and advanced technological platform product, it has become possible with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 release on the market. Especially suitable for small and medium business.

We choose not to stop on what has been achieved, but continue started improvement and education!


ERP PRO achieved new Microsoft competency – Volume licensing.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 – Premium class!


Entrepreneur, hurry up and buy today at low-cost price product licenses. Premium class product such rebates will no longer available!

ERP PRO earned new Microsoft competency – Devices and Deployment, thereby improved their skills and knowledge about Microsoft products and technologies.


From our Microsoft competencies list this is the fourth competency: Enterprise Resource Planning, Application Development, Mobility, Devices and Deployment